10 Best Activities To Do In Cambodia

Many tourists visited Cambodia for the prospect of witnessing its spectacular temples, timeless ruins, undisturbed beaches, and for experiencing its rich, cultural heritage. But not many people know that Cambodia has as much an incredible range of activities for visitors as it has scenic attractions to bewitch travelers. From cruising, indulging in water sports, swimming with elephants, riding through temples on bikes, to venturing on an unstoppable shopping spree, there’s a promising adventure awaiting every kind of traveler that visits this ancient kingdom. Here are the 10 best activities to do in Cambodia, and one visit won’t be enough!

1. Biking – Explore Siem Reap on A Bike

Considering that Cambodia is all about lush greenery, pristine temples, and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, travelers like to keep it that way when they’re exploring it. Cycling tours are thus a convenient way of sightseeing and one of the most popular things to do in Cambodia for backpac…

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