Climate and Weather

There are only two seasons in Cambodia: a dry and a rainy (wet) season. The dry season starts in November and ends in May, while the rainy season lasts the other 6 months from May until the end of October. Despite this long rainy season, you can still travel to Cambodia and Siem Reap the whole year round.



Dry Season – March – May (29°C – 43°C)
The best time to travel to Siem Reap is of course from November till end of February. You have to be lucky than to have any rain and it is also called the cool season as you will experience than temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. At night the temperature can drop below 20 degrees which makes it comfortable to sleep. March till April the temperature will raise and climb above 35 degrees and the air becomes more humid. You will feel that in these months you start to sweat more. Also in the afternoon you can be confronted with some short rain showers. Officially Cambodians celebrate the beginning of the raining season already mid April with their Khmer New Year.

Rainy Season – June – September (27°C – 35°C)
The period from June till August is very hot and humid. You will experience temperatures above 30 degrees and heavy rain showers. The rainy season has its peak in September and October. The streets in Siem Reap can get flooded during this time of year. The river overflows and the drainage can’t manage the heavy rainfall anymore. The rainy season officially ends with the celebration of the Water Festival mid November.

What to Wear?
When you travel to Cambodia you should pack light clothing. Don’t only bring shorts and open T-shirts but also long sleeves to protect your skin of the sun. When you come during the raining season a raincoat and umbrella are very welcome. Most of the time you will be walking on your flip flops but to visit the temples bring some sneakers or decent walking shoes. Don’t forget your suncream, hat and mosquito protector. The most important don’t forget your camera to take memorizable pictures.

Travel Tips
Normally you can travel through the country the whole year. The best season is of course the dry season because it is cooler. You can easily visit the temples without worrying about the rain. The raining season also has it advantages, the rice fields and the landscape look very green in this period.  Whichever season you come you will have an amazing time in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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