Learn Khmer

learn khmer

How do you do? = Chom Riem Suo?
Hello! = Suo Sdey !
Hi! = Hei !
Good morning ! = Ak Ron Suo Sdey !
Good afternoon ! = Ti Vie Suo Sdey !
Good evening ! = Seay Yien Suo Sdey !
Happy New Year. = Suo Sdey Chnam Thmey.
How are you? = Toeu Nak Sok Sabay Chie Te?
I’m Fine.Thanks.= Kyom sok tae. Ors kun.

Other Phrases
Thank you = os kun
What is your name? = Naek Chmour Ey?
My name is _____ = Kyom Chmour________.
Where is tuk tuk? = Tuk Tuk Nov Nah?
How much from here to ______? = Thlai Pon Manh Tov Pi Niss Tov _________
Cost too much = Thlai Nass
Pay now = b’ong loiy
Are you hungry? = Naek Klearn Tae?
I am very hungry = Kyom Klearn Nass
Where is the restaurant? = Po Chonnear Ah Tan Nov Nah?
Very delicious = Chgan Nass
No = Ort
Yes = Baht
Where is the hotel? = Sah Tah Kear Nov Nah?
Where is the market? = Psar Nov Nah?
Which way do i go? = Kyom Tov Tham Nah?
This way! = Tov Tham Nis
I am Lost = Kyom Arn Veng
Which direction = tov tham nah?
Left = ch’ eng
Right = sd’ am
On top = nov leur
Bottom = nov kr’orm
Very hot = Kdao Nass
Cold = T’chak
Water = Turk
Clean = S’at
Dirty = K’rech
Where is the police? = Police Nov Nah?
I will call the police = Kyom Nung How Police
I loss my wallet = Kyom Baht Kah B’orb
I got robbed. = Kae Pl’on Kyom
Where is the hospital? = Pa’et Nov Nah?

One = Mouy
Two = Pi/Pee
Three = Bei
Four = Boun
Five = Bram
Six = Bram Mouy
Seven = Bram Pi
Eight = Bram Bei
Nine = Bram Boun
Ten = Dorb
Eleven = Dorb Mouy
Twelve = Dorb Pi
Thirteen = Dorb Bei
Twenty = Mor Phey
Thirty = Sam Seb

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