What is Novnis.com?
Novnis is a leading local advertising technology company that delivers proven solutions designed to connect businesses and consumers. The company was inspired by the founder of finding it difficult searching for a good place to eat, a place to relax, and local businesses.

How does Novnis.com work?
Novnis.com uses a combination of our proprietary platform and geographic web indexing technologies to provide relevant search results for local businesses, products and services.

What kind of information can I get?
Use Novnis.com to look up names, phone numbers and addresses of businesses in your area or beyond. Our listings include useful information such as store hours, reviews, services offered, and events to name a few. Additionally you can use Novnis.com to make restaurant reservations, book a hotel, get directions, and search for people.

Where does this information come from?
Novnis.com sources its information from national business-to-business list compilers, data obtained by our web crawler, and information supplied by our affiliated partners.

How do I use Novnis.com?
Type the name or the type of business or service in the “Search for” box and enter the location in the “Near city” box. Novnis.com has the ability to determine your current location, and provide business listings in your local area even if you do not input a specific location in the “Near city” box. To post comments and give reviews, you must register as a Novnis.com account holder. You can sign up with Novnis.com with your Facebook or complete your information with an email confirmation.

What is the maximum number of results I can get for a query?
Novnis.com will return all indexed results related to a query. Results are displayed twelve per page.

How are the results sorted?
Our algorithm and proprietary keyword platform determine which businesses are the most relevant to a specific search request.

Does Novnis.com work all over the world?
Currently we offer local listings in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap,  Sihanoukville, and other major cities throughout Cambodia.

Do you sell user information gathered through Novnis.com?
We do not rent or sell any personal information.

Are there any paying advertisers in the Novnis.com listing results?
Yes. They are marked as “Advertisement.”